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Get you some kratom motivation from my man Rob over at bookoo organics, he also has fabulous CBD pen oils and tinctures, gummies and lots of offerings! πŸ”₯

3 New Strongest Strains.

Super Green X
Leaves are dried in the room for a day which makes the leaves dry half, so that the content inside the leaves does not disappear, producing a bright green color with an effect that boost your energy like never before.

Super White
Taken from selected white leaves, dried in the room without removing the sap and bone from the leaves produce the strongest strain among all strains, 2.7% Mytragine !!

Super Dark Green
Selected old leaves with a very short-drying process make this strain the rarest strain because not all farmers can do this process correctly. it feels like eating fresh leaves directly with extraordinary effects after consuming them.

Turn BooHoo into BooKoo!


πŸƒ Red Strains-

Red Bali
Red MD
Red Bent
Red Borneo
Red Hulu
Super Red

πŸƒ Green Strains-

Green Hulu
Green MD
Super Green X
Dark Green

πŸƒ White Strains-in

White Elephant
White Hulu
White MD
Super White

πŸƒ Other Strains-

Yellow Borneo
Brown Hulu

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