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I’m a single mom of two beautiful rambuctous boys. Chicago native, have lived everywhere, but currently residing in West Palm Beach, Florida. I advocate because KRATOM SAVED MY LIFE! I hope it can help others, want people to have real knowledge about Kratom and have some laughs along the journey. I started in the kratom community making funny videos, I took to my personal page, then to youtube (which now kratom is targeted and my youtube almost got banned) so I made this website hoping it’ll still help others.

Please DEFINITELY still check out my channel for some REAL LIFE, advice, motivation, mental health, relationships, self esteem, thoughts, emotions, spirituality, yoga, and meditation. I just want to heal myself from a long life of struggle, hoping my healing can help inspire yours <3


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My Personal Kratom Testimony Video is located in the “Educational” tab!

But I would LOVE to hear yours!

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Austin Organic Village

One of my top favorite vendors! I absolutely love their green maeng da, super green, got some white mesnd da this time too. So much energy, focus and motivation to get all this stuff done today and evening! Plus I strictly only use AOV Yellow Vietnam for my anxiety, it’s the best. 🌿🌿Don’t forget toContinue reading “Austin Organic Village”

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