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Use my referral link for some seriously sexy, cute,adorable, nicely priced- clothes. I just went on a whole lil spree for summer. Plenty of selfies to come 😂🤳

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Austin Organic Village

One of my top favorite vendors! I absolutely love their green maeng da, super green, got some white mesnd da this time too. So much energy, focus and motivation to get all this stuff done today and evening! Plus I strictly only use AOV Yellow Vietnam for my anxiety, it’s the best. 🌿🌿Don’t forget toContinue reading “Austin Organic Village”

Days of the week – revamped

Monday – #MindfulMonday #MondayMotivation or #MotivationMonday #MondayBlues #MarketingMonday #ManicMonday #MeatlessMonday – getting in that motivation for the week ahead Tuesday – #TransformationTuesday #TruthTuesday #TipTuesday #TravelTuesday #TechTuesday #TuesdayTasting  #GoodNewsTues #TuesdayTunes  #TastyTuesday – transforming your life and thoughts, Wednesday –  #WomancrushWednesday (or #WCW) #Humpday #WorkoutWednesday #WisdomWednesday #WellnessWednesday #WayBackWednesday #WackyWednesday #WomenWednesday #WinItWednesday – getting in that wellness ofContinue reading “Days of the week – revamped”

Choose love

When you have alot of people’s opinions flying around, punishing your own thoughts of a long list of expectations Choose love – YouTube Video link

Bookoo Organics

Get you some kratom motivation from my man Rob over at bookoo organics, he also has fabulous CBD pen oils and tinctures, gummies and lots of offerings! 🔥 3 New Strongest Strains. Super Green XLeaves are dried in the room for a day which makes the leaves dry half, so that the content inside theContinue reading “Bookoo Organics”

8 Benefits of Kratom

Mount Kratom

One of my favorite vendors! Highly energetic, extreme focus and motivation. This is the stuff that turns me into a frickin ninja! I’m offering some right now actually. Ive made tons of reviews for this company. I LOVE THEM! Mix and match strains. Split/ quartered kilos 4x250g, split 400g 4x100g, credit card use. Great packaging.Continue reading “Mount Kratom”

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