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Intuition vs Fear

We are all intuitive beings, some of us more than others. There is a deep inner knowing that guides us towards our manifestations and goals. The intuition is what sparks moments of creativity and inspiration. When you have epiphanies of your life’s purpose, or big ideas you want to accomplish, your intuition is at work.
However, after these epiphanies and flashes of inspiration, many of us rush into taking action too quickly.
Now I know what you’re thinking, “But quicker action means reaching our goals faster, right?”……not quite.
We have this feeling that when we have an idea we need to act fast to “make” it happen, even when we don’t feel like it. We “work” towards our goals, and force ourselves to complete a certain number of tasks a day. And don’t get me wrong, taking action is good. But only when it feels good. Ultimately, when we force action, the excitement fades, and the effort feels more like something we need to do, not want to do. We begin to force things to happen, instead of allowing things to unfold naturally.
So when is the right time to take action? How do you know when to take the next step towards your big goals and aspirations?
The answer is simple, although sometimes it can feel hard to comprehend: use your intuition. When you feel in alignment and empowered to act, it is time to take inspired action. When the feeling of excitement builds up so much that you cannot help but act, it is time. But if you feel resistant about taking action, if you feel like “I need to do this if I want my dreams to come true”, then wait.
Work with the flow of life force, do not rush it. Allow the flow of life to carry you towards your dreams. This does not mean just sitting around and waiting, but instead letting life guide you towards what action to take next. When you feel inspired to do something, do it. When the opportunity arises, quiet that inner fearful voice, and go for it.
Just as you shouldn’t sit back and wait, you shouldn’t force things to happen. Although you may feel that taking action when you don’t feel like it will make your dreams come quicker, it actually does the opposite. When you take action is a vibrational state that is not in alignment with your desires, you will repel them rather than attract the results you desire.
In order to follow your intuition, you must learn how to listen to it. Learn what it feels like for you.
Often times we confuse our intuition with the voice of fear. We wonder if that voice telling us not to act is truly from our gut, or out of fear.
If you are struggling with telling the difference between fear and intuition, here are four things you need to know:

1. Meditate every day to quiet your mind. In order to hear your inner voice, your mind must quiet, and your ego must dissolve. In the moments of stillness, you can clearly hear the soft whisper of your intuition. You can feel the gentle nudges when find that still center, untouched by the chaotic world around it. By meditating every morning, you can set the tone for your day to focus on the stillness within your heart.

2. Listen to your emotions. Your emotions and feelings are the biggest indicators of your alignment with Source energy. When you feel discontent, sad, angry, or uneasy, you are not in alignment. When you feel happy, joyful, exhilarated, or excited, you are on the right path. Listen to the message of your emotions. Your discontent is telling you something needs to change! On the other hand, if you feel satisfied and excited in everything you do, you are allowing Source to flow through you into your actions.

3. Fear feels anxious, Intuition feels calm. There is a big difference between how intuition and a fearful thought feels. Fear makes you feel tight, anxious, and closed up. On the other hand, intuition feels calm, neutral, and clear. In other words, intuitive messages are not emotionally charged. They calmly guide you towards the next move to take. Next time you are trying to determine if your intuition is nudging you, pay attention to how you feel. Are you anxious and nervous? Or are you calm and content? When you are calm, you allow life to flow through you, and thus allow your intuition to lead the way.

4. Intuition is always about the present moment. Fear stems from being worried about the past or the future. Intuition only tells you information that is applicable to the present moment you are in right now. There is no need to know the next ten steps to take when you haven’t even taken the first step. Your inner guidance leads you one step at a time, allowing you to flow effortlessly towards your goals. If you are experiencing questions of “What if”, that is your fear creeping in clouding your judgement. If the message your are receiving pertains to acting on something now, your intuition is calling for you.

Today, I challenge you to sit in meditation for ten minutes and observe your breath. Find the moments of quiet between each breath. Allow your mind to settle, so you can pull back the veil of fear and access your inner knowing. You have the answers to any questions you may have, you just need to quiet the voice of fear that constantly runs throughout your mind. When you find yourself centered and at peace, ask the questions that weigh heaviest on your heart. Listen with curiosity, not judgement. Allow the answers to come from your center.
If you feel lost in life, remember that your instincts always have an answer. Let go of the fear that clouds your path and hides the way forward. Pull back the veil and access the deep inner knowing within.
If you allow it, your intuition will act as a compass, which always guides the way to your dreams. Follow it. Even if that means stopping to smell the roses every now and then. Or taking a pause to rest and recollect. Act when it feels good for you, not because your fear makes you feel like you need to.
When you enter this state of flow, things will manifest effortlessly in your life. Surprisingly, you’ll find that if you stop forcing and rushing things, everything will happen faster. By allowing your actions to be inspired and flow, the momentum will build.
Release your resistance, and just have fun with life! Stop worrying about what you think you should or shouldn’t do and just follow your heart.
It’s that easy.
Love, love, love – Nyssa

Early on narcissistic distinction

It’s not wrong to give a person a second chance, it’s when you’re excusing their behavior  and giving them a “second chance” for the 100th time. It’s one thing to let them know right then and address it right there. But if they get overly defensive and gaslight you, call it a day. Second chances turn into habits, turn into enabling. Just like a child, we shape behavior young. Very early on. If you have to ask someone to respect you, tell the truth, listen to when you speak, if those things can’t be honored, you’re in trouble. Catch yourself when you make rationalizations for their behavior. Explain away, excuse and justify.
    Deep dive mentally, did you come from a narc parent or triangulation family system? Were they codependent? Vulnerable to be a rescuer? Fixer? Sort out your blind spots before a relationship. It can save you a world of hurt.
Trust your gut. The danger of gut driven decisions. Hindsight is always 20/20. That first month will tell you, then we start rationalizing.
   We store our trauma somatically in our bodies. Early induced trauma will trigger us with physiological reactions. Don’t confuse love and trauma bonding. Love and chaos. Love and your narratives. Love and invalidation.
   Pay attention to Love bombing, fairy tale love. Hold out for better fundamentals and less grandiose gestures. Magic shows to distract you from what’s going on over there.
  They’re Masters of fast track relationships. The quicker the hook, the quicker the devaluation. The first time someone devalues your sanity, feelings, your reality with gaslighting… gtfo.
   future faking and promises, making verbal plans, and if they know your dreams, they’ll add it in. And you’ll wait a lifetime.
  don’t make overly large sacrifices early on. Giving up important things by getting swept up in the relationship. You lose everything and get swept away from friends and family and that’s when you get really stuck. How empaths can be swept away in sacrificial things.
Fear guilt and hope get you stuck and sucked in. Only the worthy should be allowed in.
be careful listening early on. You deny what you know to be true. Trust yourself. And go beyond that. Pay attention to what works for you before you invest.

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